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How To Send a Custom Bulk SMS Broadcast?
How To Send a Custom Bulk SMS Broadcast?

Custom Bulk SMS

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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The custom bulk SMS feature, allows you to send messages personalized to the recipient.

Here are the steps to send a bulk message to your recipients.

Upon logging into the dashboard, select your APP,

Click on the SMS button from the menu

Click on Broadcasts, then click on the Create button from the SMS Broadcast menu and select the Custom option.

Click on the Name (Optional) button, to name your broadcast

Key in the name of the broadcast then click SAVE. Please note this is an optional step, as it does not affect the sending of message broadcasts.

Click on the FROM button and select the channel to be used; that is Sender ID, Shortcode or Keyword, from the drop-down list:

Click on SAVE

Click on the TO button, to select the recipients: this can be done by attaching an Excel File (In the example below, contacts are uploaded via an Excel file in .xlsx format.)

Sample excel file

Click on the Message button, and key in the message. The custom message is a template message, indicate the variable to be personalized in curly brackets. Type in the same on the custom fields and click on the enter key.

Click on the SEND button to preview the message

note: The cost of the message is displayed on the preview

Click on the SEND button to complete the process

Click on the CLOSE or the Go TO BROADCAST button to view the message broadcast delivery reports (See below).

What do the delivery statuses mean?

Delivered: The message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
Sent: The message has been sent to the telecom network, awaiting a delivery report.
Rejected: The message was not sent to the recipient.
Failed: The telecom network was unable to deliver the message (learn more here)

The record is Exportable in an Excel format for analysis.

Contact us at with any questions you may have regarding custom bulk SMS.

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