Your wallet holds the financial resources that allows you to access the services on Mteja, like getting a sender ID, sending Bulk SMS, sending Airtime and making calls.

Steps on how to top up:
i) Select the team that you would like to top up 

ii) From overview menu, select the Billing button

iii) Select the payment methods button to view payment options available, with instructions on how to top up

For Mpesa Paybill payments; the Account no. is available at the bottom of the Team name

iv) Your wallet will be automatically updated as soon as the top up is received.

What is the minimum amount I can top up my account wallet with?

There is no minimum amount, you can top up your wallet according to how much you need.

Note: Once a top-up is successfully made to your account, an automatic confirmation SMS is sent to the contact person.

Contact us at with any queries you may have regarding how to top up your wallet via EFT or Cheque.

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